Hello you beautiful soul you!  On this fine Thursday I’d like to simply remind you that I think you’re pretty freaking amazing!  I mean not just amazing, but amazing amazing…scratch that…freaking amazing amazing!  You get the picture?  Ok good!  I hope you see your awesomeness too.  Now go throw those good vibes around like confetti! #spreadthehappy #yourekindofabigdeal #ownyourawesome #trustyourdopeness #bealova #rosecoloredlenses #thursdaythoughts #throwinggoodvibes #likeconfetti


Let me start off by saying, you are beautiful.  Utterly beautiful and happy #WellnessWednesday my love.  On this fine day I wanted to share not only this lil graphic I made on my train ride home yesterday but the inspiration behind it.    It was if my soul was calling me to share it.  For those of you that know me, really know me #likeknowknow know that I like a good challenge.  One may even say, I seek them out like a hungry animal on the verge of starvation.  On that same note, I love pushing comfort zones, ok, I push myself, and others to seek real estate outside of those zones a la comfort.   If the crowd goes right, I go left #rebelwarrior You say ‘you cant’ and ‘I will’.  Has the picture been painted?  Ok, stare at that passion filled, crazy painting as I continue…..

yesterday it was as if my uncomfortable zone was even challenged as I pressed the ‘submit’ button finalizing my arrangements (hotel, air, car etc) for my upcoming Buti Yoga certification.  To put it bluntly I was ‘freaking out man’.  I think it was the culmination of something new, outside of my zone, time away from the kids, and the utterly overwhelming soul inspiring presecence that is Buti Yoga.  I’m giddy with excitement for this new journey, this new chapter.  Imagine a burrito filled with jacked up enthusiasm, passion, drive with a dash of fear.  That’s where I am and you know what, I LOVE IT.    To that I say, push, push, push my little badass.  Challenge yourself like it’s you J.O.B.  do something that scares the shi* out of you daily then enjoy the self assurance you feel after you crushed it.  #wowyourself Embrace fear, allow yourself to feel it BUT DO NOT, I repeat, DO.NOT. let it hold you back.  Let it push you, motivate you, inspire you.  Allow yourself to learn knew things about yourself #soulsearch don’t limit what is to always be all that there is.  You are so much more than you know right now.  Dig, dig, learn, learn, inspire, inspire, push, push, do, do…… after all it is then you will find the magic.

Your soul is calling,

The Brunette


Well hello there you!  Happy 2017!!! On this #TastyTuesday I wanted to share my signature spinach salad, it’s simple, clean & nutritious!  It’s also kid approved which is a nice bonus!  Not only kid approved but if I ever make a salad aside from this one my kids feel slighted.  This lil number is a frequent flyer on my dinner table #sogood

No need to grab a paper or pen to write this down #itsthatsimple all you need is:

•1-1 1/2 bag of spinach

•1 lemon (quartered)

•splash of balsamic

•a twist or two of pink Himalayan sea salt

(white is fine too.  I personally like the pop of pink)

Now for the magic….. throw all the ingredients into a Tupperware bowl, squeeze the lemon, dash the balsamic & twist the sea salt, put the lid on the container and #shakewhatyourmommagaveya 😉 and voila!  I suggest displaying it #imfancylikethat on a nice dish such as my fav blue one featured below #herbigdebut last but not least, eat up and enjoy!!!!