Hey there, hello, good morning!  Today’s #ThursdayThoughts is all about your dreams #dreaminuponathursday Cliff note version- Dream BIGGER!

Have you ever come across someone that was a big dreamer, I mean BIG #okbigBIG the kind that would say things like, “I’m going to start my own company today”, “I will write a book this week” “I will run 3 marathons in the next 3 months..” like holy cow!!! Well they have something, something you could have too #ifyouwanteditofcourse….they belief! They set a plan & put that lil puppy into motion.  If they fall, the rise….most times stronger than they were before.  They see obstacles & wink #howdoyoudo they eat fear for breakfast….they welcome the challenge & they GROW from difficulties.

There is a lot to be said about how  we view things….do you approach a challenge ready to crush it???  Or do you wince, head held low, afraid of what may come? If you tell yourself #youcan YOU WILL.!  #itsthateasy Give yourself a pep talk, write your goals down with pen and paper, surround yourself with those that ignite you, lift you, inspire you, believe in you, support you, feed your soul!!!

Maybe you have a goal in mind right now…one that you have been thinking about but haven’t put your amazing thoughts into action.  What.are.you.waiting.for?????  TODAY is your day!!!! It doesn’t have to be anything drastic but it does need to be action.  Even if it means simply writing them on paper.  Do.it.

Take a step, any step, but movement.  Today!  You got this.  Get it.  Dream BIG and BIG things will happen








Heyyyyy there you!!! #yeahyou ??I’ve been doing a lot of thinking aaaaannnnddddd #immabouttoswitchitup but I want to hear from you #whatupfam sooooo let me know what you like/dislike what would you like to see more/less off? #SpeakUp #ForRealForReal ????

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Im actively recruiting like minded goal crushers soooo if you want to join this brunettes team let me know!   #teamgoalcrushers #goalpatrol #thebrunettetribe

You can comment here, message me, email or text me.  I can’t wait to hear from you???


Helloooo you lil B.A.  love!!!!!  I want to share a few fabulous events/giveaways with you!!!!!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??????✨✨✨???

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Happpppyyyyy Wednesday beautiful!!!!!! On this fab   #WellnessWednesday I want to challenge you  to seek the magic every.single.day✨✨✨✨it can be so easy to get caught up in the why’s, how’s, the sadness, the darkness in our world BUTTTT do not forget,  in fact you need to magnify, the magic…,the yays, the wows, the beauty, the love, the freakin magic!!! It’s everywhere!!!!  Open your heart, your soul, your beautiful eyes to receive it all.  Soak it in.  Celebrate it.  Create it.  Be the reason someone smiles today you riduculously beautiful love bug!

#seethemagic #createtheyays #bethereasonsomesmiles #seethegood #createthegood #kindnessgangster #loverofyays #radiatepositivity #encourage #beagoodhuman #allthelove #alltheyays #allthedays ????✨✨✨✨✨✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?????


I love you,

The Brunette ?