About the Brunette ??

I’ll keep this short and sweet, like me ???

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the fitness and wellness industry for the past 20 years (yes, I started when I was 2 ?). My passion is motivating others, pushing them outside their comfort zone and showing them what they’re capable of.

I practice what I preach, I love lifting (insert giddy squeal) #AllAboutTheWeights

Aside from my fitness/wellness/motivating passion I love spending time with my family! I have two adorable kids and a wonderful husband I love to the moon and back.

As you will soon discover, I love a good # and enjoy keeping things lighthearted; I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to laugh??? Exactly.

Think of me as your virtual trainer, motivational speaker, B.A. sculptor with a sprinkle of silliness to keep you smiling  ????☺️

Ok lets do this people!!!!! #ReadySetGoal

Hair Flips and Squats,

Keli AKA The Brunette


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