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Hey you February…💓💓💓

Hey there February!!!!!  Get over here and give me a big smooch 💋Have I told you how much I love you?? Not only are you my sons birthday month, my birthday month  & the month of Valentine’s Day💓 but you are all encompassing the month of LOVE and I seriously love LOVE. I mean like I LOVE, LOVE ‘LOVE’!!!  To be honest, I wish I had the super power to sprinkle it everywhere #adashthere #asprinklehere #youknowyoudotoo so on your first official day I’d like to say, “January, don’t take it personally but it’s time to go.” As for you my marvelous February…”hey girl hey” let’s start this month off as only February does and

#lovelovelove #hearthemusic #seethedancing

Love you, mean it,

The Brunette 💋


Good morning sunshine!!! How are you and that beautiful soul of yours doing on this fine Tuesday??? A nice lil reminder to make time for you during this busy time of the year!!!! #wake #pray #slay Don’t lose sight my goal crushing yogi, Don’t. Lose.Sight.  Keep on keepin on, may I add you’re pretty freakin amazing!!!

Hugs and Kisses xxoxx,

The Brunette


#CreativeConstructionUnderway I’m m in the process of switching up the format of the blog a bit and appreciate your patience while I go through the creative process


Would you look at you….I must say you are truly like a fine wine #betterwithage it’s inspiring to witness!  If I know you like I believe I do… I know you want to continue on this fabulous road to what appears to be eternal youth??? Wellllll alrighty then!!! What if I told you I had the answers?  #oksome but they may just be #themostimportantones

In the magical #hustleandbustle that is the holidays give yourself the gift of wellness #itspriceless after all how do you feel #reallyfeel when you’re sleep deprived, dehydrated, low on energy, and eating  #notsocleanly ??? Exactly, like a #hotmessexpress as I mentioned in last weeks post, you can’t pour from a glass half full.   So today I challenge you to think of your health, your wellbeing, your soul, the deepest of deeps (yes I just made that word up) that make you, well you!  Be the most amazing, healthiest, cutest lil energizer bunny you can possibly be!!!

comment here or message me for details on the ridiculously amazing nutritional program that will take you there!!!img_4408


Good morning beautiful!   On this ridiculously amazing #WellnessWednesday and pre holiday madness…..remember to take time for you.  I know, I know… my son would say, and you’re probably thinking  “what the heck” I can barely find time for a shower or to get dinner on the table…..   believe me we all feel you and understand howeverrrrrr it doesn’t take away the importance of “you time” it doesn’t have to be anything grand (think exotic island, daily massages, cocktails on the beach….) – did you go there for a sec??? I know I sure did…I was making makabeads with the natives…it was fabulous… ok, back to reality…. although that lil mental getaway sounds amaze…  #alreadyfeelmorerelaxed the point is to go something, anything,  5 minutes, 10 minutes etc a day for #numerouno a few ideas:

  1.  Meditate
  2. Read a book
  3. Eat mindfully #grabtheapple
  4. Exercise
  5. Take a nap ….  after all…??????





Well well wwell #WellnessWednesday is hereeeee ?????✌?️?  and on this fine day I’d like to share  the minty lil number that is…..wait for it……keep waiting…….CHOCOLATE MINT ??!!!! Those of you that know me know these two things:  1. I’m OBSESSED with chocolate mint 2.  I’m equally obsessed with this  nutrional rebalancing program

Id love to tell you more about the awesomeness that is this delish shake, the nutritional rebalancing program or both #letsshaketogether #shakindaily #chocomintpartay #eatclean #cleantreats #superfoodshakes



Awwwww yeah!!!! You read that right #CampBrunette is coming this Fall!  This 8 week camp will include nutritional coaching, personal workouts, group sessions, goal setting and all around fun!!!  Don’t miss out reserve your space today! #GoalCrushinDaily #BackToSchoolForYou #CampBrunette