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Peace, love & coffee vibes to your beautiful soul on this fine Saturday morning!  I hope your Saturday is as bright as that sweet sparkle in your eye!

Today I’m wishing you a full cup of coffee and ambition because today is the start of something ridiculously amazing!! I can feel it, smell it & even taste it……can you?!?  So get your lil pen and paper out and prepare, organize & prioritize your little soul out for your tomorrows and your tomorrows tomorrows #thatsright #tomorrowstomorrows & start checking those goals off like it’s your j.o.b.  …..,you are after all a goal crushing badass that eats fear for breakfast soooo do you boo, do you ???

ps.  I like your style ?✌?

pps. like a lot a lot


Good morningggggggg you sweet, beautiful soul!!! On this fine #WellnessWednesday I’d like to inspire you, possibly remind you, to you look your challenges dead in the eye and give them a wink #ohhellotherechallenge #ilikeyou #winkwink

many of see challenges as scary, uncharted territory but let’s try and change that focus #putonyourrosecoloredglasses #rosecoloredchallenges see them as the opportunity for growth that they are…..forget trying the temperature  out with your cute lil toe…!!!! You got this!!!!!

Oh and hey if this doesn’t apply to you at the current time use your rose colored tactic and inspire someone else???#spreadtheyes #spreadtheroses #spreadthegoalcrushing #spreadthelove




You got this and I got your back ?

Winking daily,

The Brunette?

#SaturYAY Vibes

Well, well, well….. would you look at you!!!  You are glowing the kind of glowy glow #thatsright #glowyglow ? like only you can do.  So whatcha up to you lil b.a. cutie pie?  How have you been?  Crushing all of your goals?  Managing that work hard/play hard balance?  There is no right or wrong answer here, we all have our little bumps along the road….as long as you pick your fab self up and get right back to it you.are.golden.

Need an extra push or accountability?  Keep an eye out for my next goal crushing group,  “Like a boss”  coming this fall #awsnap #getready #bossinlikemyj.o.b. #keephustlin #hairflipsandsquats



Well hello there you beautiful soul ?✨?✌?It’s been a few minutes  #orafewmonths ? I wanted to check in and say “hey there you” I hope you are doing ridiculously well navigating through your dreams ??a sweet, simple reminder for you on this #wellnesswednesday…..a reminder for you, for me, for all of us, to always do what makes your soul happy #keepitsimplesally #soulsimple #soultourguide #dropthemap #listen #yoursoulknows

I’m pushing out #alltheyays #allthehugs #allthelove for you ????????????✨✨✨✌?✌?✌????


Let me start off by saying, you are beautiful.  Utterly beautiful and happy #WellnessWednesday my love.  On this fine day I wanted to share not only this lil graphic I made on my train ride home yesterday but the inspiration behind it.    It was if my soul was calling me to share it.  For those of you that know me, really know me #likeknowknow know that I like a good challenge.  One may even say, I seek them out like a hungry animal on the verge of starvation.  On that same note, I love pushing comfort zones, ok, I push myself, and others to seek real estate outside of those zones a la comfort.   If the crowd goes right, I go left #rebelwarrior You say ‘you cant’ and ‘I will’.  Has the picture been painted?  Ok, stare at that passion filled, crazy painting as I continue…..

yesterday it was as if my uncomfortable zone was even challenged as I pressed the ‘submit’ button finalizing my arrangements (hotel, air, car etc) for my upcoming Buti Yoga certification.  To put it bluntly I was ‘freaking out man’.  I think it was the culmination of something new, outside of my zone, time away from the kids, and the utterly overwhelming soul inspiring presecence that is Buti Yoga.  I’m giddy with excitement for this new journey, this new chapter.  Imagine a burrito filled with jacked up enthusiasm, passion, drive with a dash of fear.  That’s where I am and you know what, I LOVE IT.    To that I say, push, push, push my little badass.  Challenge yourself like it’s you J.O.B.  do something that scares the shi* out of you daily then enjoy the self assurance you feel after you crushed it.  #wowyourself Embrace fear, allow yourself to feel it BUT DO NOT, I repeat, DO.NOT. let it hold you back.  Let it push you, motivate you, inspire you.  Allow yourself to learn knew things about yourself #soulsearch don’t limit what is to always be all that there is.  You are so much more than you know right now.  Dig, dig, learn, learn, inspire, inspire, push, push, do, do…… after all it is then you will find the magic.

Your soul is calling,

The Brunette

2017 Pre Game

Hello my dreamy eyed badass friend!  I hope this holiday season has filled your big heart and sweet soul with more joy and blessings than you can count!  With 2017 right around the corner #literallydaysaway be sure to take some time and reflect on your 2016 story; how do you feel looking back on all the magic that is/was 2016?  Inspired?  Motivated? Determined? Humbled? Focused? Distracted? Confused? Clear? What does 2017 look like for you? What are your goals?  Are you aiming high with one big goal or are you setting little fires of goal crushing throughout the year?  Whatever your 2017 vision looks like, be sure to stay focused, stay optimistic, stay…well, stay you!

Take a few moments of silence and really think about your goals and write.them.down.  After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  This is your year, prepare yourself and make some serious shit happen.  Don’t think.  Do.

If having more energy, less stress, sleeping better, leaning out or increased athletic performance are in your ‘goal house’ let’s chat.  I have a special little offer for my beloved badass tribe.

Blowing kisses and sending positive vibes,

The Brunette xxoxx


Today, my love is #WellnessWednesday and on this fine day I’d like your lil gangster soul to think about what makes you well you. You-er than you you, you picking up what I’m putting down? Find your magic and if you’ve already found your magic well let me tell you something….you stay right there. You stay in your magic, you hear me? May I add you look ravishing there #winkwink #loveyou #meanit

Magically yours,
The Brunette xxoxx



Would you look at you….I must say you are truly like a fine wine #betterwithage it’s inspiring to witness!  If I know you like I believe I do… I know you want to continue on this fabulous road to what appears to be eternal youth??? Wellllll alrighty then!!! What if I told you I had the answers?  #oksome but they may just be #themostimportantones

In the magical #hustleandbustle that is the holidays give yourself the gift of wellness #itspriceless after all how do you feel #reallyfeel when you’re sleep deprived, dehydrated, low on energy, and eating  #notsocleanly ??? Exactly, like a #hotmessexpress as I mentioned in last weeks post, you can’t pour from a glass half full.   So today I challenge you to think of your health, your wellbeing, your soul, the deepest of deeps (yes I just made that word up) that make you, well you!  Be the most amazing, healthiest, cutest lil energizer bunny you can possibly be!!!

comment here or message me for details on the ridiculously amazing nutritional program that will take you there!!!img_4408


Happy Thanksgiving you ridiculously beautiful soul!  Wherever this amazing Thanksgiving day takes you I hope you enjoy every single delicious second  of it and please, please, please, paaaa-leaseeeeee…..have the second piece of pie guilt free #hellopumpkinpie #nicetoseeyouapplepie I write this as I hover around the stove and wait for our  cinnamony cinnamon buns to be ready like someone who hasn’t seen food in years #notkidding!  Alright, alright now get back with your families and celebrating like only you can do xxoxx

#BePresent #BeKind #BeAuthentic #BeThankful

You are amazing and I love you #hughug #kisskiss loading virtual hugs…. {{{{{{huggggggssssss}}}}}}}

If you overindulge rest assured #IGotYourBack……#HolidayHustlers starts December 1 so grab your tribe, yourself, your goal crushing abilities and let’s do this! #GameTime not #GainTime ??You see what I did there right?




Good morning beautiful!   On this ridiculously amazing #WellnessWednesday and pre holiday madness…..remember to take time for you.  I know, I know… my son would say, and you’re probably thinking  “what the heck” I can barely find time for a shower or to get dinner on the table…..   believe me we all feel you and understand howeverrrrrr it doesn’t take away the importance of “you time” it doesn’t have to be anything grand (think exotic island, daily massages, cocktails on the beach….) – did you go there for a sec??? I know I sure did…I was making makabeads with the natives…it was fabulous… ok, back to reality…. although that lil mental getaway sounds amaze…  #alreadyfeelmorerelaxed the point is to go something, anything,  5 minutes, 10 minutes etc a day for #numerouno a few ideas:

  1.  Meditate
  2. Read a book
  3. Eat mindfully #grabtheapple
  4. Exercise
  5. Take a nap ….  after all…??????