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2017 Pre Game

Hello my dreamy eyed badass friend!  I hope this holiday season has filled your big heart and sweet soul with more joy and blessings than you can count!  With 2017 right around the corner #literallydaysaway be sure to take some time and reflect on your 2016 story; how do you feel looking back on all the magic that is/was 2016?  Inspired?  Motivated? Determined? Humbled? Focused? Distracted? Confused? Clear? What does 2017 look like for you? What are your goals?  Are you aiming high with one big goal or are you setting little fires of goal crushing throughout the year?  Whatever your 2017 vision looks like, be sure to stay focused, stay optimistic, stay…well, stay you!

Take a few moments of silence and really think about your goals and write.them.down.  After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  This is your year, prepare yourself and make some serious shit happen.  Don’t think.  Do.

If having more energy, less stress, sleeping better, leaning out or increased athletic performance are in your ‘goal house’ let’s chat.  I have a special little offer for my beloved badass tribe.

Blowing kisses and sending positive vibes,

The Brunette xxoxx