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who wants to play a little game????  You?  Ok, fabulous!!!  Before we get started can I just give you a high five, a hug & a fist pump ✋????there ya go!

ok, back to the matter at hand…contest time #ItsAboutToGoDown as you know this lil brunette is new at blogging????#SuperNew so I’m going to call on you to help #SpreadTheLove each person that gets 25 people to subscribe to my blog will win a lil prize #ThatsRight #APrize what type of prize you ask?  A personalized, long sleeve dry fit shirt (thumbhole optional??I mean come on, who doesn’t ?a thumb hole shirt) (I’ll work on getting an image for you) but trust me, its going to be sweeeeeetttttt ????????

Don’t for one hot second doubt yourself, you can totally get 25 people.  I mean look at you, you’re smart, you’re beautiful and gosh darnit people like you ??tell me you get that reference?

So share, share and share some more ??????Feel free to share my posts, website, and any images I’ve posted on my Facebook page too??



The Brunette ?????